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And in that moment, I swear I was angrier than Eren Jaeger


YOLO moments: YOYO cups

Tempered chocolate with raspberry mousse, nutella and crunchy chocolate

The moment I got home and saw these lined up on the counter, with my mother proudly beaming at her new chocolate-tempering abilities, I knew it was a diet yolo moment. Who needs a diet when you have this?

So-called YOYO cups, they are cups of perfection. I loved the crunchy bits inside the most, and even though I initially found the red color disconcerting (I know, I’m not avant-garde enough for this madness) it was raspberry flavoured dark chocolate. How could it go wrong? 




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i am not the same person i was before this episode

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Aomine Daiki and Kise Ryota: First Defeat
"I lost..."

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you have done well to endure your fear. 
you are brave soldiers.
you have my heartfelt respect.

12 Days Of snk → a scene that made you cry


fe:a doodles!!

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"So people, who are truly strong,  laugh when they want to cry. They endure all the pain and sorrow, while laughing with everyone else. You can cry all you want right now, but one day, you must become a samurai. Strong enough not to cry." -Hideaki Sorachi

I hear a lot that people won’t watch Gintama because it’s nothing but parody comedy and it’s only purpose is to make fun of other anime, which makes me sad because this anime holds so much more. Sure there’s a lot of comedy and yes it parodies the crap out of things but there is also a lot of sadness and heart warming moments. One second you can be laughing your butt off and the next balling your eyes out. And that is my favorite thing about Gintama, it keeps it real and I appreciate that more than anything. Thank you so much, Sorachi-sensei.

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